Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sen. Mary Jane Garcia back in hospital with blood clot after attack

Senate Majority Whip Mary Jane Garcia is now in a Las Cruces hospital with a blood clot in her leg after being attacked in Albuquerque Sept. 16. She suffered a fractured leg in the incident at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Garcia, 73, has undergone physical therapy since the attack and has been in good spirits recently, sources who have been in contact with her said. She had been at home after the attack and even attended the Clinton rally in Espanola, albeit in a wheelchair. Doctors now want to keep her immobilized to prevent the clot from moving, someone who spoke with her by phone today said.

Garcia will talk in depth about the attack on the Report from Santa Fe show this weekend on KNME-TV, Channel 5. The show airs on Friday night at 10:30 and Sunday morning at 7:30.

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