Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SOS ads on the air

Several people have asked to see the TV ads in the secretary of state race. Here they are, side by side.

First, Sen. Dianna Duran's ad:

and, the ad from Mary Herrera:

I haven't seen any polling in this race -- if you have, please let me know -- but it's a talker for sure, given the recent headlines about the office. THe fact that both campaigns have ads out, which usually doesn't happen in such a down ballot race, is an indicator that both parties think it might be close.


  1. See 'Who do you support for N.M. Secretary of State' at
    In any case once again Herrera takes the prize for her make-up. See also Mary isn't airing this but it's posted on her web site at

  2. The Quay Sun has a poll "Which New Mexico secretary of state candidate will get your vote?" at

  3. Any explanation for why Herrera's ad has been "removed by the user"?