Friday, October 22, 2010

Duran's campaign says she's ahead

Republican Sen. Dianna Duran has a double digit lead over incumbent Mary Herrera, Duran's campaign manager said today.

Sen. Rod Adair, who is running the GOP effort to take control of the Secretary of State's Office, said he's hopeful about the race.

"We have reason to believe we are up by a double digit lead and we are optimistic about that," he said "But we also know there are lots and lots of undecided voters out there and we're hoping those vote in our favor."

Adair said he couldn't cite any information about the lead but seemed extremely upbeat on the phone today.

The Republican Party is eager to take control of the office but has struggled in the past to come close. This year, Herrera has been dogged by bad headlines about her office, which is a theme of Duran's TV ad.

By contrast, Herrera says she's worked to clean up the office and focused on that theme in her ad. The ad, which delved into the improvements she's made since being elected, however, was recently pulled down from the Internet, which is curious . . .


  1. `Curiouser and curiouser!' as Alice in Wonderland observed. In any case while Herrera's commercial seems to have been sent down the memory hole there's an even stranger video [] still up and running on her "Re-Elect Mary Herrera New Mexico Secretary Of State" website at

  2. Public Opinion Strategies statewide poll for Duran

  3. Our family voted early, already. I believe she's the only Republican on the list.

    Forrest Gump would be a better candidate than Herrera.