Friday, October 15, 2010

And now for some downballot news

I finally got around to writing my story on the state treasurer's race between incumbent James Lewis and Republican Jim Schoonover, which you can read here. You should also check out this piece by Heath Haussamen for more info on Schoonover's background.

Today, I'm working to finish my piece on the auditor's race, in which there's been a development. On Thursday night, GOP chairman Harvey Yates said the Republican candidate Errol Chavez has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It's unclear at this point what that means for his candidacy.

Here's the statement from Yates:

"For the last several weeks Errol has been suffering from a medical condition, the cause of which was unknown. However, yesterday medical examinations revealed that Errol has a brain tumor. Tomorrow he is being transported to a major out-of-state hospital for further diagnosis and treatment of the tumor. While we wait for additional information, our thoughts and prayers are with Errol and his family during this difficult time."

My other story in today's paper, on the situation with Brian Colon's Florida condo is here.

Update, 9:50 a.m.

Chavez's campaign director just called to say he's not giving up on the election, despite having to go out of town now for treatment.

"He's been adamant he will stay in the race," said director Christopher Martinez. "He's been adamant that miracles do happen."


  1. Hoping that you'll also be able to discuss the interesting contest for Secretary of State.

  2. Worth noting?