Saturday, March 21, 2009

Done, done and done!

The House and Senate have left the building.

Gotta say in my ten-plus years of covering the Legislature, the floor debates at the end were about as mild as I've seen. Many of the key issues were dealt with in recent days and last night.

However, there was a dust up between House Speaker Ben Lujan and Sen. John Arthur Smith over the amendment I mentioned in my previous blog. Smith during the conference committee said the Lujan amendment had a cloud of suspicion over it. The amendment -- now a moot point because it was taken off -- appears that it would have allowed financing for a project at the Santa Fe Railyard.

Lujan in an interview after the session strongly denied that he would gain anything from the amendment, which he said sponsored for a constituent. After the session ended, Lujan approached Smith on the Senate floor, angrily telling him "you're not worth a darn, that's what the matter with you, you are a racist S.O.B."

Smith reacted, saying "You’d like for people to have better control in public but I understand when you’re tired and spend a lot of time (working)."

Listen here to Lujan talking to Smith.

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1 comment:

  1. I love it! When you don't get what you want, accuse people of people racist. Class act, Mr. Lujan.