Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just more than three hours to go

The Senate is in session.

Senate Majority Leader MIchael Sanchez is joking that he just saw the members of the Senate, and well, he did. They stayed until about one this morning, the House stayed past three a.m.

The House spent much of its time on a debate that ultimately ended with the rejection of the so-called TIDD bills. The House also passed campaign contribution limits, The Senate at this moment is deciding whether to accept the amendments.

The most colorful thing I've seen so far this morning are the pajamas of the College of Santa Fe students who apparently spent the night outside to Roundhouse, waiting for the bill that would authorize a state takeover of the college to be heard. So far, no luck on that front. But with three hours to go, anything could happen.

Update, 10:15 a.m.

Sen. John Arthur Smith just announced a conference committee on SB 584. And he just invited the media. A historic moment. I'm going now...

Update, 10:47 a.m.

I've just returned from history in the making, an open conference committee. . . The meeting was hastily announced and very short, but still, several reporters, lobbyists and others were in the room.

The committee took up an amendment put on the bill, which deals with financing of charter schools among other projects. The amendment, put on by House Speaker Ben Lujan, raised the eyebrows of Smith, who questioned whether it was allowable. The committee took out that amendment. More info on that when I wake up enough to understand what it does.

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