Monday, March 2, 2009

House to consider conference committees bill . . . and other open-government news

The House today could consider Rep. Joe Cervantes' measure to open conference committees to the public. While the measure had a little trouble getting out of committee this year, it is expected to pass the House. The real test comes in the Senate.

Meanwhile, remember the bill that aimed to make it easier t get public records that got bogged down with all kinds of exemptions to the state's Inspection of Public Records Act? Gov. Bill Richardson said Friday those exemptions should be taken out, even though it was members of his administration who proposed them. Stay tuned on that one.

Also today, a budget transparency measure sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kintigh is set to be heard in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. The measure creates a searchable database of the state budget.

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  1. I truly hope that we will learn the name of the individual who wrote these insipid amendments; in particular the one that allows state agencies to hide records that are germane to litigation against them - in other words; suppress evidence.