Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senate webcast not up yet, but coming soon . . . and other Saturday Legislature news

I don't think anyone thought it would happen literally overnight, and it didn't. But webcasts from the Senate, approved Friday, could start as soon as Sunday. That's the same day the Senate is supposed to consider a measure to open conference committees to the public and the media. Now wouldn't it be something if the debate about openness in government was webcast around the world?

The House also is scheduled to meet Sunday. Even though there's no video, you can listen online to both chambers here.

Thanks to the AP's Barry Massey for keeping tabs on the Legislature today. Looks like the House twice tied on (and thus rejected) a Speaker Ben Lujan measure to allow some cities to issue bonds for private development projects. That story here.

The House easily approved another measure by Lujan, however, that would allow legal notices to be read on tv and radio stations and posted on their websites instead of printed in newspapers. Those legals are usually about lawsuits and upcoming meetings of importance and other fine-print type stuff most people don't read. Still, they are printed in a newspaper of general circulation so groups like the government can give people notice of big projects, for example. And, legals are a source of revenue for newspapers. Read more about Lujan's measure here.

Meanwhile, Massey reports that the Senate Finance Committee didn't set aside any money in the budget bill it approved for the takeover of the College of Santa Fe. The budget now heads to the full Senate.

Sunday looks like it will be a long day, especially in the Senate. You can find the online calendars here.

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