Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senate webcam gives a little wider look

So it still doesn't show anything close to all 42 senators, but the updated Senate webcam is another step in the right direction. Courtesy of a new, wider-angle lens, you can see just a little more of the Senate today.

Maybe someday we'll actually see all the lawmakers. . .

Until then, you'll have to watch what -- and who -- you can.

In that chamber today (still) is the measure to open conference committees, and a whole other list of things.

Meanwhile, in the House, (no video webcasting there, so just listen) lawmakers are set to consider two TIDD-related bills and a measure to increase motor vehicle registration surcharges. Sounds like those are causing consternation, however: the House came in this morning and adjourned about 10 minutes later, headed to caucus. . .

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