Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Richardson sign open conference committees?

I asked Gov. Bill Richardson directly about whether he'd sign the open conference committees bill at one press conference during the session and he said yes. And he's told reporters in the past he's for it, including, if memory serves, at a breakfast sponsored by either the NM Press Association or the Foundation for Open Government.

But it sounds like he might have changed his mind. Read this for the scoop.

If you think this issue is only about reporters, think again. For the very first open conference committee held the last morning of the session, there were more than reporters there, even though it was hastily convened and started minutes after it was announced (only) on the Senate floor.

And, don't forget the issue that arose out of that meeting -- one that we might not have heard about otherwise: it was the one that caused the major dust up between House Speaker Ben Lujan and Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith.

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