Friday, March 13, 2009

Senate approves repeal of death penalty, 24-18, Richardson says he's still undecided

After hours of emotional debate and years of effort, the Senate has approved a measure that would repeal the death penalty in New Mexico. The bill now goes to Gov. Bill Richardson, who just said in a statement he's undecided.

Here's the roll call vote:

Adair: no
Asbill: no
Beffort: no
Boitano: no
Campos: yes
Cisneros: yes
Cravens: no
Duran: no
Eichenberg: yes
Feldman: yes
Fischmann: yes
Garcia: yes
E. Griego: yes
P. Griego: yes
Harden: no
Ingle: no
Jennings: no
Keller: yes
Kernan: no
Leavell: no
Lopez: yes
Lovejoy: yes
Martinez: no
McSorley: yes
Morales: yes
Munoz: yes
Nava: yes
Neville: no
Ortiz y Pino: yes
Papen: yes
Payne: no
Pinto: yes
Rodriguez: yes
Rue: no
Ryan: no
B. Sanchez: yes
M. Sanchez: yes
Sapien: yes
Sharer: no
Smith: no
Ulibarri: yes
Wirth: yes

Meanwhile, Gov. Bill Richardson says that people interested in providing their input on the repeal should call 505-476-2225 and leave a message. You can also e-mail him through the governor's web site.

Richardson says he's still undecided on the measure.

"This is an extremely difficult issue that deserved the serious and thoughtful debate it received in the Legislature," he said in a statement. "I have met with many people and will continue to consider all sides of the issue before making a decision."

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