Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prefiling very popular this session

It hasn't been around that long, but lawmakers seem to really like the option of getting copies of bills they are carrying in the legislative hopper early. (Reporters also like the fact that the bills are posted on the web.)

Already, for the session that starts next week,  a whole slew of ideas are out there. 

This hasn't been promoted much as a big open government move, but it is. The more that's online for citizens (and other lawmakers) to read, the better. Having the bills posted in advance of the session gives those who are interested a chance to do their homework.

So far, many of the bills online sound familiar. There's ethics reform, domestic violence bills and alcohol-related measures. But stay tuned for new ideas, including of course, how the budget will be cut in the 30-day session. 

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