Thursday, January 14, 2010

Richardson releases budget efficiency ideas

This just in from the Committee on Government Efficiency: there are several ways to cut spending in state government.

Among the ideas put out by the task force appointed by the governor:

-- Combine the departments of higher and public education, and merge the homeland security department with the Department of Public Safety.
-- Create a Department of Commerce, which would include the economic development, workforce solutions, tourism, regulation and licensing, and worker's compensation departments and the border and Spaceport authorities.
-- Put the Aging and Long Term Services Department under the Human Services Department. 
-- Eliminate 19 boards and commissions, including the Fair and Equal Pay for All New Mexicans Initiative, the Intertribal Ceremonial Board, the Nutrition and Dietetic Board, the Water Cabinet, the Green Jobs Council and the Interior Design Board.

No word on sponsors or which ideas will be tried this session. But the possibilities are a start for the concrete ideas on money saving that will be floated in the next month.

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