Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State's legal costs continue to climb

The state has spent more than a half million dollars defending itself in the case known as Foy v. Vanderbilt, according to state records.

Meanwhile, the $5.7 million that the State Investment Council is asking state lawmakers for is raising some eyebrows in the Senate.

Because they are no small chunk of change, expect the fees to garner major scrutiny as the session progresses.

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  1. Isn't there any legal talent inside the State that could handle this kind of thing, without going to San Francisco ... which is like going to New York City for salsa .... I'd wager that there are lawyers here who'd do the work for $400 and hour and then buy their suits and Gucci bags locally ...by the way - where has our State Treasurer been in this morass ... the minutes of the meetings show he was there - but nary a peep? Has he been awake the past three years? Hell - they're all guilty - throw'em to the wolves.