Monday, January 4, 2010

Richardson's tax mystery

Gov. Bill Richardson says he'll support a tax increase as part of his budget recommendations for this year, but isn't saying which one he wants to raise.

Sin tax perhaps? Motor vehicle excise? Food tax? Income tax? Your guess is as good as mine.  For whatever reason, Richardson's office has decided not to say for now. The administration on Tuesday is expected to release budget proposals, but it sounds as if Richardson is still negotiating with lawmakers on the tax increase. (The LFC, by the way, is set to release its budget proposal today.)

While it's unclear how New Mexicans will like -- or not -- the idea. But it's already getting negative reviews in Tennessee.

According to the Associated Press: 

"My budget recommendations will include new revenue as a temporary measure to shore up the budget during this historic global recession," Richardson said in a statement released Saturday to The Associated Press. "But I will only support a package that automatically expires after the economy recovers and we no longer need this temporary infusion of revenue."

In his budget proposals, Richardson will not specify what tax should be raised. The governor will negotiate that with the Legislature, according to deputy chief of staff Gilbert Gallegos.

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