Thursday, January 21, 2010

That was a short week

As usually happens the first week of the session, both the House and Senate have recessed until Monday. With another storm coming and a load of bills to be printed, that's not a surprise.

For a look at what committees are meeting Friday, click here.


  1. 仇恨是一把雙刃劍,傷了別人,也傷了自己 ..................................................

  2. Recessing only makes sense if you like tradition, or accept that it is a strategy to compress the short session even further. Otherwise - it is dumb and just a greater waste of our money to blow off three full days. They have plenty to work on - there were over 200 bills that had been prefiled - the only thing they've really looked at is the feed bill. The appropriations folks have met and started to hear testimony, but the tax committee hasn't met - they have PLENTY to look at. They've done nothing to identify the bills that aren't germane