Thursday, January 29, 2009

GOP leaves gift for Democrats

Photo by Kate Nash

State Republican Party political director Diego Espinoza this morning dropped off coffee and creamer for Democrats on the House Rules and Order of Business Committee.The gift is a gag after Rep. Ray Begaye earlier this week said he worried a webcast could catch him asleep at a committee.

Many Republicans on the committee say they support webcasting for sure. And while Begaye expressed concerns, he said yesterday he favors the webcasts, as did all the members of a subcommittee appointed by House Speaker Ben Lujan -- including the Democrats.

The panel is supposed to meet later today to decide what it should reccommend to the Rules Committee about webcasting. Ideas tossed out at a meeting Wednesday included doing a pilot project of webcasting some hearings.

The issue got started of course, after Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones on Monday caused a stir by webcasting from Taxation and Revenue Committee hearing without permission.

Her webcast continues here from time to time, depending on committee meetings.

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