Friday, January 30, 2009

Webcasting subcommittee: let's try audio

So the subcommittee checking into the feasibility of webcasting from the Roundhouse decided to recommend to the Rules Committee that audiocasting from the House floor start as soon as possible and that a pilot be started ASAP from House committees. The group also wants to gather more information on the cost and what would be needed for webcasting video from the floor and the committtees. The panel will make a report to the Rules Committee as early as Monday.

"I'm saying, 'Let's start with what's possible and move to what's better,'" said House Majority Leader Ken Martinez, D-Grants.

The issue seems to be one that's sticking around this session.

Already, KUNM-FM, 89.9 is audiocasting from House and Senate floor sessions.

Update, 12:23

Turns out you can see a live transcript of sorts from the meeting here, courtesy of the New Mexico Independent.

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  1. Any answer except yes means no.

    The most robust possible webcasting needs to begin as soon as possible.

    The worst thing that any public servant can do, is anything they do in secret