Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plaintiff seeks Moving America Forward documents

Frank Foy, the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit who is seeking to recover $300 million for the state, has subpoenaed documents from the Moving America Forward Foundation, the New Mexican has learned.

According to a statement just released, "the subpoena seeks to discover who contributed to Moving America Forward Foundation(MAFF), a purported nonprofit organization that has been linked to Gov. Richardson and his political campaigns."

Here's the original story we wrote on the lawsuit. See this story for information on the donors to Moving America Forward.

"Because MAFF is shrouded in secrecy, no one knows whether Moving America Forward Foundation was used as a conduit by people who wanted to buy business from the State of New Mexico," Victor Marshall, Foy’s attorney, said in a statement.

Marshall in his press release "emphasized that it is not yet known whether Vanderbilt or others used MAFF to hide 'pay-to-play' contributions."

"That is why we need discovery of these documents. It’s a normal part of civil litigation like this," he said.

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