Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Year of the What Now?

Gov. Bill Richardson already called dibs on making this the Year of Fiscal Restraint. (Although, read this story on how some lawmakers didn't think Richardson's state of the state sounded very restrained...)

Turns out new GOP Chairman Harvey Yates apparently wanted to weigh in on the session name game, too. He's calling it the Year of Belt Tightening.

In a statement put out earlier today, Yates said the "Richardson-Denish administration has for years led the way on overspending and overspending our tax dollars. New Mexicans of both parties have grown weary of long speeches and empty promises by those who are now having to explain away irresponsible decisions."

I think both those names need jazzing up. I sort of referred to this year as the Year of Uncertainty in a piece I penned for Sunday's paper. But that's not the most clever, either.

So, maybe we should have a contest on the best names for this session. Of course, given all the restraint and belt tightening, you won't win anything except a mention here. Good luck!

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