Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You know the session starts today when...

you get a press release from the Senate Minority office describing what one of the senators will be wearing.

Yep, just got an e-mail from Diane Kinderwater, head press person with the Senate Republicans letting us know that Sen. Bill Sharer will wear a "tuxedo kilt."

He's Scottish, you see. But he's also sending a message to other lawmakers.

“The Scots are world renown for being frugal. In our current economic situation, “frugal” should be the watchword of our session. I will wear my kilt periodically to remind my follow legislators that we must be frugal in the use of the citizens money,” he said in a statement.

Hmm. That's one way to set the mood of the session, which starts in less than two hours.

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