Thursday, January 15, 2009

You know the Legislature is starting soon when...

you see cans of sliced pears and diced beets being wheeled into the cafeteria in the basement.

Yep, the Legislature is back. Well, almost, but the lobbyists, lawmakers, clerks and others are here today. Some are schmoozing while others are getting things ready, handing out highlighters and getting computer training. Still others are actually working up at the LFC meeting, where some lawmakers are steamed that they don't have more information on the budget from the Richardson administration. Turns out, lawmakers don't have much time to consider the cuts to the current budget before they have to deliberate the 2010 budget and they were hoping for more information by now. Some reporters were as well, especially as it relates to the $263 million in capital outlay projects Richardson is proposing to cut. . .

Anyway, several of you have asked for the place to keep track of bills that are already filed online. That's at the new version of the same Legislature Web site, at the top on the right hand side.

For the record, the session doesn't start until Tuesday at noon. Check out the New Mexican this weekend for our preview coverage.

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