Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nobody panic, corruption being investigated

I've got to say I just received one of the strangest press releases I've seen in a while.

Attorney General Gary King put out a missive to the press to assure New Mexicans that his office "is very much involved in investigating corruption by elected officials."

"We get lots of tips about elected officials," King said in the statement. "That is why I created our Government Accountability Division. We have been investigating a number of cases having to do with political corruption and our goal is to thoroughly examine each and every one. Ethical and legal considerations, however, prohibit us from publicly discussing these cases until our investigations are completed and dealt with according to the law."

The office also said publicity about alleged no-nos usually generate tips that AG investigators can check into.

Given all the scandals we already know about, it makes you wonder what else is out there?

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